More than organic

What a Response!

We are so elated and encouraged by the response to our organic lamb. Word spreads fast as we have had chefs and restaurants contacting us before we made any official announcements or introduced our new website! The response is so exciting on so many levels. It is clear that we are not alone in our philosophy - not at all. Reading that, you must feel as happy as we do that there many, many people out there just waiting for something more wholesome, more whole, more kind to the planet, more nourishing as food.


If you are a member of the press, and you would like to interview the chef-farmer herself, we can arrange for that. Always better to contact us in as far advance as possible, as the rhythm of the farm calls to her, and time tends to be tight. Her dynamic personality and incredible wisdom about her processes makes her a fascinating interview! To arrange to speak with her, email


We have a library of photos that are available in high resolution for print (and low resolution for the web, of course). Please be so kind as to ask us for permission before publishing.

News Releases

With the introduction of our new website and our client access to the lamb, we will be posting press releases here in the coming months. All press releases will be published on RSS feed, as well.

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